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The difference between professional and supermarket shampoos

Firstly, I wanted to explain why I chose to retail Goldwell shampoo, conditioner and styling products. I use Goldwell colours on my clients so I chose to use their other products alongside this as they are specifically designed and formulated to work hand in hand. As a premium colour brand that I’ve worked with for most of my hairdressing career, I have great confidence in their colours and after trying out other brands, I have always gone back to them to get the best results for my clients. After using their shampoo, conditioner and styling products I am equally impressed and have trialled quite a few of the different products on my own hair as well as on my clients.

So now you need to know the difference between using these products compared to using the ones from the supermarket.

Supermarket shampoo often contains harsh detergents and chemicals which can not only cause scalp irritation but also strip your colour causing it to fade out quicker. This even applies to shampoo that is supposed to be for coloured hair. One of the other nasties found in these brands is silicone. This is used to make your hair feel sleek and look shiny. When you first start using the shampoo, it does just that. However, over time this silicone builds up and puts a coating over your hair. Has your hair ever felt limp, flat and greasy after using the same shampoo for a few weeks? This is probably why. This build up can also cause issues when it comes to colouring your hair as it can act as a barrier. Because your hair feels limp and greasy you are likely to wash your hair more often which results in using more product.

One of the first things people notice about professional shampoo is the price difference. So why should you spend more money on shampoo from your stylist?

A salon professional branded shampoo will always be much more concentrated with higher quality ingredients meaning you don’t need to use as much each time you wash your hair. So, let’s look at the maths and see how much you it actually costs each time you shampoo your hair.

A 250ml bottle of Goldwell shampoo will cost you £12.

That’s 5p per ml

On average you will use 10ml per shampoo.

That’s 50p per shampoo.

On average you will wash your hair 3 times a week.

That’s £1.50 per week.

A 400ml bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo in Boots will cost you £6.

That’s 2p per ml

On average you will need to use 20ml per shampoo (remember it’s not as concentrated so you will use more)

That’s 40p per shampoo.

On average you will wash your hair 4 times a week (those silicones that weigh your hair down and make it feel greasy will mean you need to wash it more often)

That’s £1.60 per week.

So although you think you’re paying less in the supermarket, when you break it down, it could end up costing you more.

There are so many different shampoos to choose from in the supermarket that it’s impossible to pick one that’s right for you. When you buy a shampoo from me, I will pick one that is specifically for your hair that I know you will benefit from. You can have the confidence knowing that you are using something that isn’t going to damage your hair and that it is going to give you longevity from your colour. Surely you don’t really want to spend £70 on your colour to then go and wash it in something that will fade that colour out fast?

So ditch the harsh ingredients and embrace healthy looking hair by investing in the right products for you.


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