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COVID-19 Update

Returning to work after COVID-19 is going to see a lot of changes for mobile hairdressers. Below is a list of procedures and practices laid out by the government that hair stylists will need to follow. These are to protect not only me and you but also all my other clients. My number one priority is to be able to return to work as safely as possible and to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Anyone not willing to abide by these rules will, unfortunately, not be able to have an appointment. 

If you or anyone within your household have tested positive, has any COVID-19 symptoms or is feeling unwell in any way, please let me know so we can rearrange your appointment for a later date. This applies to me too. If I develop any symptoms then I will be cancelling and rearranging all appointments for the next two weeks.

  • Before entering your house I will be putting on a clean visor.

  • Instead of bringing in my usual kitbags, I will be only bringing in exactly what I need.

  • All clients will need to provide their own face covering and have this on when I arrive (unless they are in an exempt category) As of 8th August this is mandatory and i will not be able to carry out the appointment without one. Please be aware that it could get colour on.

  • I will be asking that you open any doors I will need to go through once inside the house to reduce the amount of things I touch.

  • I will then need a clean and clear work surface to place my tools and equipment on. I will have cleaning products with me to wipe around before placing my things down

  • We will both need to wash our hands.

  • Where possible, I will need to have windows and/or doors open to keep the room ventilated

  • Whilst carrying out your service, no one else will be able to be in the room with us. This includes partners, children and other work/servicemen

  • I will use a clean gown on you which will only be used once and then stored away into a plastic bag and then washed at the end of the day. 

  • I will also ask that wherever possible, you wash your own hair and use your own towels.

  • After the service, I will need to wash my hands again as well as all tools and equipment. I will have my own cleaning and sanitising products to do this

  • I will place all disposable items in a plastic bag and ask to dispose of this in your bin

  • I will no longer be accepting cash payments. I have a card machine so you can either pay via this or bank transfer

  • Once all my tools and equipment is clean and put away, I will clean the work surface before I leave.

  • Once returning to my car, I will remove my visor and place in a separate container away from clean items.

Please do not take offence by me cleaning before and after the service. This is so I know that I have done everything I possibly can to protect myself and my clients.

Thank you for your understanding and support throughout the lockdown. I can't wait you see you again very soon!

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