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My Favourite Products And Hair Care Routine

My hair care routine starts with the shampoo. I use the Goldwell Dualsenses Colour Brilliance shampoo and conditioner. This is perfect for keeping my colour vibrant by helping to prevent colour fade. I always shampoo my hair twice to make sure my hair and scalp are fully cleansed. After rinsing for the second time, I then apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of my hair and brush it through using the Headjog straw detangling brush. Once a week I will use a treatment. At the moment I'm using the Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment. I usually use the Colour Brilliance treatment but my hair is well overdue a cut so the Rich Repair is helping to keep it a bit more healthy looking.

After towel drying my hair I brush it through again with the Headjog detangling brush before applying my styling products. So, again I am using products from the Rich Repair range to keep my hair healthier during lockdown until I can get a hair cut. I start by spraying the Rich Repair Restoring Serum Spray through my hair. This instantly reconstructs the hair, provides suppleness and shine, improves combability by detangling and also contains heat protection. Then I apply one or two pumps of the Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum onto the mid lengths and ends of my hair. This provides 6 benefits to the hair including anti breakage, enhanced elasticity, instant shine, silky suppleness, healthy looking mid lengths and ends and reinforced hair structure. I find that these two products work really well together and my hair looks and feels so healthy and shiny after using them.

After blow drying my hair, I finish it off by applying the Goldwell Stylesign Diamond Gloss protect and Shine Spray. This is a new favourite of mine after using it for the first time last week. It provides protection against humidity for up to 72 hours and tames frizz as well as giving it a great shine. I read online that its like and umbrella for your hair which is very true and a perfect way to describe it. I used it last week after straightening my hair which I don't do very often. I spent the morning outside in the cold, damp air and instead of going frizzy and curly like usual, my hair stayed smooth and sleek. I will definitely be using this to finish all my blow dries from now on.

So to recap, here is a list of the products I currently use.

Colour Brilliance Shampoo

Colour Brilliance Conditioner

Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment

Rich Repair Restoring Serum Spray

Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum

Just Smooth Diamond Gloss Protect and Shine Spray

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